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Winemaking and the Current Drought

Eric Asimov does some serious reporting about the drought and winemakers' responses. Smith-Madrone takes the lead in this important article. Asimov quotes Stu,"From a wine-quality and a responsible-citizen position, we should all use less water," ... "Wine growers can make better wines and be better ecological neighbors if they thought about vineyards differently."

2014 Winery of the Year!

The prestigious online mega-site gave us the great honor of naming Smith-Madrone the 2014 Winery of the Year.

Read the extensive article on their site about their review process and of course, about their final decision.

Our YouTube ChannelSmith-Madrone Video

We've been adding videos to our YouTube channel recently. Take a look here, and when you're in the neighborhood, be sure to stop by for a live visit.

Just added: '10 Cab, '12 Chardonnay, '12 Riesling, '10 Cooks Flat

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