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Our web site has the reports, as does the St. Helena Star.

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Thu, Nov 16th: Join us in San Francisco on November 16

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Visits to Smith-Madrone are by appointment only. In order to offer our visitors the best possible winery experience, we are open to the public on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday, with only two appointments available each of those days, at 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Please make an appointment here. Our tasting fee is $25 per person; that fee will be waived with a wine purchase.

VinoVisit will request a credit card to hold your reservation. You will receive a confirmation email.

Our apologies: we cannot accommodate large groups.

Driving directions are here.

Your visit to Smith-Madrone features a group tasting and tour with our winemaker Charlie Smith. Please be sure to plan enough time to reach the winery on time. The drive from St. Helena to the winery can take as long as 30 minutes. We look forward to seeing you.

Updates from the Winery

Tuesday 10/17 update:
The worst is behind us. Even though there are still fires and smoke in the Valley, the danger has passed. Cal Fire has established perimeters around all of the fires and especially the one closest to us, the Nuns Fire. Within those perimeters they're letting the fires burn themselves out; in many places it's too dangerous to try to fight the fires in steep mountainsides and canyons. With about ΒΌ inch of rain forecast for Thursday into Friday, that should help in snuffing out the last couple of fires and bring the danger to an end. Stu is still driving around with the office and the storage documents in his Suburban. Internet access is now a week off, but we're responding remotely to emails and orders. We are extremely grateful that the fire passed us by, yet we are still enormously exhausted and emotionally spent from the week of worrying about others and ourselves. Our continuing thanks for all of the messages of support. Onward.

Oct 15 Smoke is visible in vicinity beyond Smith-Madrone. We are watching and waiting.

Oct 14 On an eerily pretty day we are watching fires in several directions. We've continued all of the prevention and preparation possible and are cautiously optimistic. Land line and cell service continue to be spotty and we can only respond to email remotely. We continue to appreciate all of the kind messages of concern. People are asking how they can help: here are two options:

10/13 am update: watching and waiting, strong winds predicted tonight. We continue to have power, intermittent land line and no internet.
Tubbs fire to the north of us is 25% contained and Calistoga Road seems to be holding as the fire perimeter. Continuing thanks for all the messages of support.

October 12 am update: We had a stressful but uneventful night. In the wee hours we could see the red fire on Mt. St. Helena in the distance. To prepare for the evacuation, we have moved all of the office and business records to our home in St. Helena, moved all of the equipment into a disc'd open field, and done other things such as extensive watering. The winds are not yet as severe as had been predicted for today. Most worrisome is that most of the fires in the area are only 1-2% contained. We have power and intermittent land line capability but not internet (we will be monitoring email remotely). We will keep providing updates.

October 11 2:41 pm PDT: We have been given an evacuation notice. We will keep you posted. Please note our telephones and internet services are temporarily DOWN. The network we use has a repeater on Mt. Veeder which went down this morning because of the fire there. We will not have internet access at the winery until next week but we will be accessing email remotely. Please know that we will return emails as soon as possible given the complexities of being on fire alert. Thank you.

2017 Best American Wineries

Again we have the honor of the prestigious online mega-site naming us in their 2017 Best Wineries in America.* While the list includes 101 wineries, finding Smith-Madrone is easy - we are in the TOP TEN.*

This adds to their award of Winery of the Year in 2014, an international distinction.

[* In fact, we are number 6 on the list.]


Current Releases

2009 Cook's Flat Reserve - Sold Out

2012 Cook's Flat Reserve - Coming Soon