Festivities with Smith-Madrone Wines

We are delighted to be able to add some accounts of folks enjoying our wines. Now that many of our (highly discerning) customers are recording their wine events with digital media, we will be adding them to our site.

40 Loves Company

Smith-Madrone, wine sponsor for the Chez Panisse eventSmith-Madrone was the wine sponsor for another 40 year old's event. Chez Panisse, Alice Water's storied restaurant, celebrated an anniversary along with the unveiling of Alice's portrait at the Berkeley Art Museum. Read all about it.



We get mail!

Valerie G. from Los Altos recently wrote us (and, incidentally, inspired the creation of this section):

Congratulations on 40 years! Thought you might get a kick out of our menu. You were our host for a winery visit in 2005 which is when I bought the 2004 Riesling and 2001 Cabernet we used in the menu attached. Keep making these great wines!

Enclosed with that note, decorated with photos from the vineyard, was an elaborate menu with tasting notes. We called to thank her for sending her elaborate menu and she explained:

After meeting Charlie at the winery several years ago, we've become fans of Smith-Madrone. A group of us in Los Altos have been meeting monthly as a wine tasting group for many years and recently spent an evening tasting Smith-Madrone including on into dinner. We thought you'd enjoy seeing our our notes on the wines and our menu.

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The Menu/Notes/Wines

Below is their menu; Smith-Madrone tasting notes and their recipes can be downloaded here.

  • Potato Pancakes with Smoked Salmon or Caviar
  • 2007 Smith-Madrone Chardonnay

This Chardonnay is a lovely vibrant medium yellow, with a mixture of green apples, pears and lemons in the aroma. This is a very user friendly, hedonistic wine that is fun to drink, but at the same time is very serious. While the middle palate is soft, lush and round, the wine has an underlying backbone of acid which makes the wine go perfectly with food.

  • Baby Spinach and Pear Salad with Spiced Pecans
  • 2004 Smith-Madrone Riesling

Strikes a balance between two great continents – Europe as represented by Germany’s Rheingau and France’s Alsace. Many appreciate Alsatian Rieslings but not their sharp finish; the Rheingau offers the beautiful soft floral finish, but with too much sugar for others. Smith-Madrone makes their Riesling in a decidedly American style: a minerally middle palate with a soft floral finish with just a hint of sweetness.

  • 2009 Smith-Madrone Riesling

The wine starts off crisp with green apple, grapefruit and a hint of orange. It’s fruity with a little bit of tingling tartness in the mouth. It’s that freshness that makes this such a great food wine. It can handle a creamy sauce and stand up to robust spices.

  • Buffalo Burgers and “Fries”
  • 2001 Smith-Madrone Cabernet Sauvignon

The wine is generous, full and rich on the palate – a very elegant, seductive and feminine wine with a very long smooth finish. The aroma is of crushed violets, blackberries and black currants with an overall palate of deep dark fruit.

  • 2002 Smith-Madrone Cabernet Sauvignon

Our 2002 Cabernet Sauvignon is dark red in color, with hints of mint, cedar, black cherry and blueberries from the Cabernet Franc, with just a dash of pepper mixed in. What’s great about this wine is that its wonderfully complex aroma comes through on the taste, thus making this wine truly balanced. There are moderate tannins, which will allow extended aging, yet the wine is enjoyable now as well.

  • 2003 Smith-Madrone Cabernet Sauvignon

On the palate it is big, smooth, full and has a velvety mouth feel. Combine that with a very dark, purplish and very deep ruby-black red color. The aroma is just as intriguing, with briary and black cherry aromas, distinct suggestions of crushed violets and lavender and underneath it all are the elegant notes of dark chocolate.

  • French Apple Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream